Interra KNX-IR Gatweway is a multifunctional IR signal transmitter. It allows you to manage all infrared electronic devices such as TV, DVD, air conditioner. There are five different modes in total: single mode, repeat mode, sequential mode, climate control and current sensing. Interra IR Transmitter has a maximum of 150 universal IR codes and 81 AC IR codes. It has 4 spreading interfaces: A, B, C, D. Interra IR Gateway is produced in accordance with the EU standard in terms of EMC and electrical safety compatibility.


Main Features:

• Universal IR codes control TVs, DVDs and other infrared controllable devices.

• AC IR codes are used to control air conditioners of any brand.

• The device has various types of AC controls: Fan speed control, swing control, Cooling / Heating, Temperature control, On / Off control.

• KNX Gateway can operate between KNX - Infrared and Infrared - KNX.

• After the infrared codes are learned and downloaded through the infrared learning page of the KNX Utility Software and IR Learner, the KNX Gateway can be used for TV, DVD, air conditioner, etc. can perform checks.

• Singular mode: The system emits a universal IR code and the emitting channel can be single channel or multi-channel.

• Repeat mode: The system repeatedly emits a universal IR code several times, and the emission channel is one channel and multi-channel.

• Sequence mode: The system emits several universal IR code sequences at a time, but the emitting channel is a single channel

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