Our Vision & Purpose

Powering ourselves by our strong position in the smart building industry and with our love for technology, we aim and work to create products and solutions providing superior values for the future of the world. We implement our core values to our solutions and people by pushing our limits on technology and embedding uniqueness and sustainability in everything we do. Our vision is to make Interra a value-creating company fed by its shared personal values, strong branding, focused high-technology investments, and successful partnerships.


                  Priorities of Interra Technology

Technological R&D Investments

Our passion for smart technologies inspires us to push the limits of innovation by improving ourselves every day at Interra R&D Center. Investing in new technologies, people and their ideas is a strategic priority for Interra. We understand the importance of educating young engineers and providing an environment where they can improve their skills on innovative perspectives for the future of the world. That's why we invest more than 30% of our annual revenue in our R&D center.

People-Oriented Culture

We believe our people are a significant part of the success of Interra. The People-Oriented culture of Interra provides diversity, and inclusion which is vital to our business life and equal opportunity for everybody. We invest in the future by relying on the young and hard-working people of Interra and their mindset and domain expertise. We give them opportunities to bring out the leadership and futuristic gem within them to create new ways of working and thinking that will make our future better.

Sustainable Energy & Education

We believe that especially in the electronic industry, sustainable manufacturing is a must to create a livable world for our future generations. To achieve our goal, we act and embed this approach in our people and we continuously push ourselves to minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Learn more about our sustainability and educational activities here.

Full Solution Product Range

One of our main goals is to provide a full solution to our partners as a single brand in the areas we are in. To achieve our goal and fill the gaps in our portfolio, we actively pursue acquisition opportunities and technological developments and invest in strategic OEM, ODM, and R&D partnerships globally.

Market Leadership

At Interra, we always aim for the top. All Interra offices' main goal in their market is to be in the top 3 in the market leadership competition or dominate the market. Interra has more than 70% market share in Turkey and 25% to 40% in the surrounding markets. This vision is the key to the long-term success of our global community. We aim to maintain or strengthen our position in all markets by providing our global partners with leading products, systems, and solutions.

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