CAD Drawings

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Interra KNX Products

KNX Touch Panel Series

(10", 7" and i7+Touch Panels)

KNX Touch Switch Series

(iSwitch+, 4Touch, Just Touch & Pure Touch)
KNX Actuator Series

(Combo & Dimmer Actuators)
KNX Sensor Series

(Sensors and Dedectors)
KNX Gateways Series

(DALI, DMX Gateway etc.)
KNX AC Gateway Series

KNX Input Modules

(2-4-6-8-12 Channel)
KNX System Components

(Power Supply, Interface, IP Router Line Coupler etc.)

Interra Servers

Interra Servers

(iBMS, Elevator, iNode Logic, Concierge, SIP, Home Server, etc.)

Interra EIO Modules

Interra EIO Modules

Interra Smart IP Intercoms

Smart IP Intercom

(All Intercom Module)

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