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Interra KNX Products

KNX Touch Panel Series

(10", 7" and i7+Touch Panels)

KNX Touch Switch Series

(4Touch, Just Touch & Pure Touch)
KNX iSwitch+ Series

(iSwitch+ and DND Models)
KNX Actuator Series

(Combo & Dimmer Actuators)
KNX Sensor Series

(Sensors and Dedectors)
KNX Gateways Series

(DALI, DMX Gateway etc.)
KNX AC Gateway Series

KNX Input Modules

(2-4-6-8-12 Channel)
KNX System Components

(Power Supply, Interface, IP Router Line Coupler etc.)

Interra Switch & Socket Models

EU - C / F Type Series

(All Models EU - C Type)
UK & Universal Type Series

(All Models UK & Universal Type)

EU - C / F Type Frame Series

(All Models UK & Universal Type)

UK & Universal Type Frame Series

(All Models UK & Universal Type)

Interra Servers

Interra Servers

(iBMS, Elevator, iNode Logic, Concierge, SIP, Home Server, etc.)

Interra EIO Modules

Interra EIO Modules

Interra Smart IP Intercoms

Outdoor Video Stations

(Apartment & Villa Types)
Indoor Monitors

(All Indoor Series)
SIP Management Center

Motors and Valves

Zone Control Valves

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