Our Quality Policy

Quality Policy

As we Interra in line with the mission and vision of our company;

• To ensure the continuity of our customers' satisfaction with our products and services,

• To ensure continuity in the quality of our products in order to increase the satisfaction of our customers,

• To provide a strong coordination that will ensure that we accurately determine what our customers want and meet with high quality awareness,

• To fully meet the needs and expectations of the customer in all processes,

• Aiming to achieve the highest performance in our processes by considering the relevant risks and opportunities,

• Ability to switch to new products and technologies quickly and reliably,

• Developing creative and innovative products and services in line with customer expectations by supporting business processes with new ideas,

• To give importance to quality planning and to take the necessary measures to make reliable measurements,

• To implement and document our quality management systems in a way that fulfills the requirements of international quality management systems,

• To adopt quality awareness and questioning as a corporate culture with a guiding point of view,

• Evaluating and improving all our activities with the philosophy of "continuous improvement",

Our quality policies have been adopted as our principles.

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