KNX For Architects

Maximal opportunities with minimal complexity, think KNX

The right technology for high-end smart buildings projects

Nowadays, the creation of buildings must fulfil the new requirements of the owners and their users who expect high-end buildings which are also smart. Only the right technology will, therefore, contribute to shaping smart buildings with high-end results.

Easy to operate integrated solutions, all in one tool

It can integrate every application (airconditioners, heatings, photovoltaic panels, lighting, etc.) into one joint system. It does not need to create different trunking or pumps for different areas. This brings security, effciency, ease of use for the professionals to configure the separate areas and for the users to benefit from it.


The architects do not want to be bound to a specific type of products that might not fit the design in progress. With KNX there is the freedom to design on any materials, colours, etc. The professional will always find the product that will fit that design.


When architects change or extend building areas, the technical system will adapt to the changes without any problem.


Buildings represent the state-of-the-art in construction and therefore, they should be equipped with state-of-the-art technology. KNX is the only technology worldwide that can confirm live to meet the expectations of the professionals offering solutions that are the most innovative such as KNX IoT and that still work with products launched thirty years ago.

Author Credit: KNX Assosiation

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