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Who is Interra?

INTERRA is the pioneering smart home technology leader developing KNX-based software and hardware solutions with its R&D teams experienced in the field of smart building automation by aiming for each product to be unique and comply with high-quality standards. With a history of uniqueness and innovativeness of 15 years, Interra's global success is driven by around 150 talented engineers and employees in over 75 countries.

Interra offers a wide-ranging portfolio of smart building products, digital solutions, and services, from villa to commercial applications, enabling safe, smart, and sustainable solutions. With our core value, – Developer of Uniqueness – we are pushing the boundaries of our smart building technology by embedding sustainability and innovation in everything we do. Together with our common values, global branding, strong relationships, and belief in youth company culture, our uniqueness will be leading us to become a more focused, successful, and value-creating company.

                                      Interra in the Global

With our globalization strategy, Interra is the fastest growing KNX brand in the world with its 30 offices in different countries. With the first aim to develop and produce everything in-house, Interra managed to create huge know-how on KNX in more than ten years with its young and talented engineering teams. Now, it is in the position to produce even the latest technological devices of KNX protocol in Istanbul and besides its strong brand, it provides OEM and R&D partnerships to the giants of the electronic industry.


As the market leader in Turkey with almost 70% share in the residential smart building area, Interra aims to spread this success to surrounding countries by opening its local offices to provide the best possible services to its customers. With our belief in education, we provide the best possible and sustainable knowledge and education to our worldwide teams and partners, to create a globally standardized Interra quality in terms of production, sales, and after-sales.

%100 Project Solutions with One Brand

In 2008, Interra was established as a local smart home brand to close the product gaps of international KNX brands in the direction of the needs of the Turkish market. With this aim, Interra released its first KNX touch panel and combo actuators and they became the most selling KNX products in Turkey in a short term. Especially with the minimalistic, slim, and timeless design of Interra panels, Interra has written its name to the biggest KNX projects in Turkey and become a well-known brand shortly. After a while, Interra decided to increase its range to provide 100% project solutions to each project in Turkey without the needs of any other KNX brand and be a market leader.


Interra drives its all global operations including R&D, manufacturing, and sales in its 8 floors headquarters in Istanbul. Interra R&D Center is renovated in 2022 as a technology campus and has more than 50 talented engineers providing solutions to the industry with its specific needs right now. Interra is the first developer and manufacturer of the KNX touch panels, KNX switches, KNX actuators, KNX / AC gateways, and KNX IP routers in Turkey. With our core value, all of these first products also got attention globally with their unique features in them.

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