Interra SIP Server is a computer that provides video intercom services and ensures communication traffic is maintained without any problems. Interra SIP Server is the main component of an IP PBX and mainly deals with the management of all Sip calls in the network. It is also referred to as a SIP Proxy or a Registrar and provides SIP communication between touch panels, outdoor units, IP phones, and other components in PBX systems.

Main Functions:

• Supporting 100 calls concurrently, 5000 clients, and all kinds of SIP Clients (Mobile phones, IP Phones, Intercoms, Touch Panels...etc).

• The Interra SIP server consumes very low-power consumption (Nominal less than 3 watts, less than 10 watts maximum).

• There are no fans and moving parts on the SIP Server.

• Via Web Interface, Sip-Server is easy to configure.

• Interra Sip-Server offers 10 years of lifetime.

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Interra KNX Server Series

ITR810-0001 // SIP Server

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