INTERRA Unveils New iX10-10.1” Touch Panel Featuring “Hey Interra AI Offline Voice Assistant”

INTERRA, a leader in smart building solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Hey Interra Offline Voice Assistant, developed in collaboration with SESTEK. The innovative iX10-10.1" touch panel, equipped with the Hey Interra AI Offline Voice Assistant, aims to make living spaces smarter, safer, and more user-friendly.

INTERRA Unveils New iX10-10.1” Touch Panel Featuring “Hey Interra AI Offline Voice Assistant”
May 17, 2024

iX10-10.1” Touch Panel: Revolutionizing Smart Homes

INTERRA's iX10-10.1” Touch Panel stands out with its sleek and modern design, combined with advanced technological features. The new iX10 elevates the home automation experience by consolidating all control points into a single interface, enabling users to manage their living spaces more efficiently.


Key Features of the iX10-10.1” Touch Panel:

Integration with home renewable energy systems.

Centralized control of all points from a single interface.

Integration with building management, hotel management, and third-party systems.

Touchless automation control.

CCTV, security, and concierge integration.

IP intercom capabilities (SIP/VOIP).

Support for 25 languages, customizable icons, and multiple themes.

Thermostat control.

Slim and modern design.

Two main models: With Frame and Full Screen.

Feedback function with RGB LEDs.

Easy and modern mechanical installation.

Hey Interra! AI Offline Voice Assistant.

Cloud-based secure mobile control.





A Strong Partnership for Innovation

The collaboration between INTERRA and SESTEK brings together two industry leaders who share a vision for innovation and excellence. The integration of the Hey Interra AI Offline Voice Assistant allows users to control smart home systems via voice commands without an internet connection, offering significant advantages in terms of security and privacy.


During the meeting with SESTEK's Founder and CEO, Prof. Dr. Levent Arslan, detailed discussions were held on sectoral visions and collaborations. This partnership provides an opportunity for both INTERRA and SESTEK to take innovative steps while aiming to produce solutions that facilitate the daily lives of users.


INTERRA CEO Medeni Kahraman stated, "We are proud to have made a significant leap in the field of home automation with the Hey Interra project. Our collaboration with SESTEK reinforces our commitment to integrating advanced technology into our homes and solidifies our industry leadership. We will continue to offer our users safer, more comfortable, and smarter living spaces."



INTERRA is a pioneering smart building technology leader, developing KNX-based software and hardware solutions with experienced R&D teams to ensure each product meets unique and high-quality standards. With a history of 16 years of innovation and excellence, Interra's global success is driven by approximately 150 talented engineers and employees in over 100 countries.



SESTEK is a global technology company working on conversational AI and analytics solutions for customer services since 2000. SESTEK helps organizations become data-driven, increase efficiency, and provide better experiences for their customers. SESTEK products are developed by an R&D team of over 100 engineers using speech recognition, natural language processing, and voice biometrics technologies.


Contact Details

For more information about Hey Interra AI Offline Voice Assistant and the iX10-10.1” Touch Panel, please contact:



Tel: +90 (216) 326 26 40


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