Residence and Villa Solutions

As Interra, we aim to offer a smart building technology that offers a modern and functional approach with our smart building solutions. Interra smart building solutions are designed to make spaces such as residences and workplaces more efficient, safe and user-friendly and offer special usage options in different rooms such as energy management, automatic, security, remote control, lighting control and lifestyle comfort. In this way, users can save energy, take security measures and manage their daily lives more easily.


Lighting Dimming

Experience the uniqueness of smart lighting in your home with Interra lighting and dimming solutions. Create personal lighting scenarios to suitable your own lifestyle.

Air Conditioning Solutions

Did you know that building automation systems can save about 30% in energy consumption of buildings? Irregular heating and cooling is one of the most important parts of energy costs in residential buildings. With the reliable integration of Interra HVAC solutions, you can control the operating time of your heating and cooling systems as you wish.

Curtain Shutter Door Control

With Interra smart home technology, you can create and control scenarios for many devices that work with motorized systems such as curtains, blinds and doors.

Concierge and Residence

Interra Touch Panels and the services menu of the InterraPro mobile application offer unlimited solutions for your housing management and home needs. By using Interra devices, the services you need are instantly transmitted to the residence's reception or the building management, and also a communication system is provided between the management and the residents.

Mobile Solutions

InterraPro application allows you to control your smart home with your Android or IOS mobile devices. All features such as automation scenarios, concierge services, alarms, cameras, and intercom communication can control wherever you are, and you can receive an instant notification from your home when the bell rings or there is an emergency.

Intercom Solutions

It allows you to easily monitor the entrance door or main exterior door and gives you confidence that your home has more security. Thanks to the mobile control, you can communicate with your guests via audio and video without leaving your place and open the door whenever you wish.

Smart Scenarios

Your life, your choices! With Interra smart home technology, you can create personalized scenarios and experience the comfort you desire in your beautiful home by activating it with a single button. Would you like your home to welcome you every day at 19:00 with the lights on, the curtains closed and the temperature reached 25 degrees?

Security System

It can prevent potential bad scenarios in your home, with Interra Solutions. In case of  potential danger, pass the security check and notify the site administration via message.


to the solutions that provide your security in a computerized way, you can monitor and interfere with all your security system, including security warnings such as glass security system, on your mobile devices. In this way, you can be sure of your safety and concentrate more comfortably on your daily work.

 Energy Saving with Interra KNX Solutions


One of the biggest expense items of hotel businesses is uncontrolled energy costs.

Interra's KNX-based smart and modern building system technology provides up to 50% energy savings.

♦ KNX systems meet all the requirements of the top Energy Performance Class for building automation according to EN 15232.

How Much Energy Saving Do Interra KNX Solutions Provide

World Standard - KNX

Housing in accordance with KNX, international standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3), European standard (CENELEC EN 50090, CEN EN 13321-1 and 13321-2), Chinese standard (GB/Z 20965) and US standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 135) and the first globally standardized system for the automation of non-residential buildings.

Complete Product Range

Interra, with its complete product range, is the only Turkish brand that can offer a complete solution on its own, from lighting and blind control, which is the basis of today's smart building applications, to heating, ventilation, security, energy management and much more, in line with the wishes of our project partners.

Some of Our Residence Reference Projects

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