Interra GRMS and Smart Hotel Solutions

Interra offers an innovative hotel automation solution to maximize the energy savings in your hotel and keep you in control, taking the experience of you and your guests to the next level.

Interra's energy management technology,  can reduce the energy costs of your hotel and contribute to a sustainable environment. With its central monitoring and control feature, monitor and manage all the systems of your hotel from a single place. In this way, prevent unnecessary energy consumption and increase the comfort of your guests to ensure energy efficiency.

Interra's wide product range extends from room and floor solutions to Ethernet I/O room solutions. It helps you provide a superior experience to your guests by providing customizable solutions for each room in your hotel. You can also see our proven success with our reference projects and trust Interra's leadership in the hotel industry.

Energy Saving by INTERRA

♦ Uncontrolled energy consumption in hotel rooms causes unnecessary high costs. 

  Interra’s modern smart building technology based on KNX bus and communication systems provides up to 50% energy savings. 

   Interra KNX systems meet all the requirements of the top Energy Performance Class for building automation according to EN 15232.

How much energy savings do Interra smart building systems provide

Exceptional Guest Experience and Maximum Energy Efficiency in Hotel Applications

When moving in or out from the room, magnetic door contact sends an info to the Interra Presence Sensor. When the info received, the sensor activates the energy of the room and starts scanning inside.

  If the presence continues to be detected in the room within the specified time, the energy remains on.


  If there is no presence in the room within the specified time, the energy of the room is turned off.


Energy Management and Hotel Scenarios

Lighting, Curtain and HVAC Control

♦  Interra provides continuous and accurate monitoring of the room temperature.


Interra controls the heating, ventilation and air conditioning to provide optimum temperature and air quality for the guests. 


♦ Along with the heating and lighting system, shutter and blinds can also be controlled and all these controls are monitored from a single central point.

Safety and Security

Interra controls and monitors the door communication systems, emergency call stations and intrusion, water, smoke and gas leak detection alarms for a smart and secure building.

Energy Monitoring

Interra monitors and measures the energy consumption of the assets or subsystems to optimize the electrical system, save energy and perform control actions.


Control and Monitoring from a Single Center

♦ Interra central monitoring and control solutions, integrate all subsystems in the building into a single center, to provide energy monitoring and control of the rooms, floors and offices from a single point.


Interra IP Control, iNode Logic Server and iBMS Logic Server provide communication with dozens of different protocols and applications


Room and Floor Solutions

KNX Smart Hotel Room Solution

  Energy Management with Sensor


♦  Lighting Control


♦  Dimming Function


♦  DND / MUR Management


♦  Just Touch Oda Kontrolü (Yatak Başı)


♦  Just Touch Room Control (Bedside)


♦  Fully Integrated AC Control


♦  Curtain / Shutter Control


  When Windows are Open / ACs are Off


♦  Switch and Socket Solutioni


♦  Water Leakage Management


KNX Connection of the Rooms on
     the Floors

It is the process of connecting the rooms with Interra Line Couplers and creating a KNX bus for the floors.

By adding additional devices such as KNX sensors, corridor lighting can also be connected to the automation system to increase the energy saving with special scenarios.A calm ambiance can be created with the KNX Dimming Actuators or DALI Gateways on corridors.

IP Router connects hotel network and the rooms gathered together on the KNX Floor line.


Connection of the Floors to the
     Hotel Network

The infrastructure required for central control, monitoring and integration are set up as shown in the figure by connecting the rooms gathered on each floor to the main center network.

iBMS Logic Server and iNode Logic Server devices within the same network easily provide all kinds of integration and monitoring from smart door handles to energy analyzers and PMS systems.   

All kinds of complex scenarios can be created between all these systems.

Public Area HVAC and Lighting

Thanks to the Interra DALI infrastructure, the lighting used in the common areas is controlled via the KNX line and connected to the central system via the KNX / DALI Gateway.

Systems such as the lighting and fan coil or air conditioner installed in the common areas can be easily controlled via the KNX line installed for the common areas and integrated into the central monitoring and control software, thus maximizing energy savings.

EIO Room Solution

It is Interra's EIO solution that is less costly than KNX and works with a closed protocol over Ethernet.


With the inputs of Ethernet I/O Modules, it is possible to create smart rooms and scenarios with traditional products such as magnetic contacts, buttons and sensors.


It communicates with Interra Toucah Panels directly over ethernet and provides mobile control.


With Interra, bring your hotel to the next level in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, and control. Contact us for more information and discover our customizable hotel solutions!

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