Maximize the safety and efficiency of your home with Interra Motorized Zone Control Valves, which are preferred as a preventative in emergency situations such as flooding in smart building systems. They consist of a brass valve and an on/off control motor. The valve is driven by a synchronous motor for 90° rotation. The motor turns off when the valve is fully open or fully closed.

Technical Specifications

  • 2-way motorized ball valves
  • 3-Cable Single Contact Control
  • 2-way (open/close)
  • Forged Brass Valve Body
  • British Standart Treaded
  • IP65 Protection Class
  • PN20 Body Pressure durability
  • On/off up to 9 bar
Power Source230V AC - 50/60 Hz
Temp. Operation2 ~ 80 °C
Usage AreaLiquid line/flow control
Warranty2 years
CertificatesCE and ISO9000
Running Time15 sec on, 15 sec off time

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INTERRA - Developer of Uniqueness

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INTERRA - Developer of Uniqueness

Motorized Zone Control Valve Series

ITR910-2502 // Motorized Zone Control Valve - DN25 (G1)

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