KNX Binary Input is used to interface the contacts to KNX bus substructure such as push buttons, switches etc. to make them communicating devices. The thermostat feature can be utilized with an internal or external temperature.

Main Functions:

The complete configuration of the device is performed via ETS5 or higher. Depending on ETS configuration and settings, the product feature will be different. Available functions are:

Input Functions:

• Switch Sensor 

• Switch / Dimming Sensor 

• Shutter Sensor 

• Value / Forced Operation 

• Control Scene 

• RGB Colour Control 

• RGBW Control

• Mode Selection 

• Command Sequence

Logic Functions

Internal Inputs (max. 6) 

• Output Types (max. 5 selectable)

External Inputs 

• Switch

• Binary Value (adj. size) (max. 3 selectable) 

• Dim

• Movement 

• Shutter

• Temperature

• Alarm

• Brightness 

• Sequence

• Scene Number

• String

• Threshold

Most functions only need one input, and therefore each input might be assigned a different function. However, there are also some functions that can also use two inputs, such as “Dimming with 2 buttons” and “Shutter/Blinds with 2 buttons”.


Benefits & Features

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Switching & Toggle

Switching & Toggle

For the controls via a 1 button and 2-button operations. Switching via a single push button is also possible. It's possible to change the operation to the opposite with a single push button.

Shutter / Blind Control

Shutter / Blind Control

For control/slat adjustment of a blind or a shutter in 1 push-button operation and 2 push-button operations.

Value Operation

Value Operation

For sending arbitrary values of different data types, e.g. temperature values. It is possible to send different values or data types after a short/long operation

Dimming & 2 Channel Mode

Dimming & 2 Channel Mode

For dimming of lighting via a 1 button and 2 button operation. Start-stop dimming and stepwise dimming, as well as dimming via a single push button, are possible

Thermostat Control

Thermostat Control

It can control 6 independent thermostats with the temperature information got from 6 different locations with its 6 analog inputs Also, these analog inputs can be configured as digital inputs too.


Logic Blocks

Logic Blocks

Each of its 6 channels can be independently selected as analog or digital. It has 3 independent logic blocks and each block contains 5 object outputs such as switch, dimming, shutter, alarm, percentage, scene, string and threshold controller.

Product Downloads

INTERRA - Developer of Uniqueness

Interra KNX Input Series

ITR106-0011 // KNX Binary Input Module - 6 Channel

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