Interra 2-Channel Universal Dimming Actuator can generate 300W of output power from each channel and drive R, L, and C loads. It has temperature protection, short circuit protection, error notification with channel LEDs, load presence detection, and load type detection. It is possible to program the device without 230 V supply voltage.

Main Features:

• Automatic load recognition based on ETS configurations

• Incandescent lamps, low voltage, and high voltage halogen lamps,

Ability to control dimmable LED retrofit lamps and dimmable compact fluorescent lamps

• Dividing the dim curve into 5 zones and adjusting the dimming speed of each zone separately

• RGB LED status indicator for each channel

• Manual control over the device

• Ability to work with 3-phase systems with separate phases and neutral connections for each channel

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INTERRA - Developer of Uniqueness

Interra KNX Universal Dimmer Series

ITR501-0102 // KNX Universal Dimmer Actuator - 2Ch (w/ Ethernet)

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